My experience in giving birth and childbirth costs in Japan

My experience in giving birth and childbirth costs in Japan:

           Giving birth is the most painful feeling I have ever experienced my entire life but seeing my son makes the pain all worth it! After pushing and pushing and shouting at the top of my lungs I gave birth last 31st of May 2015 10:30 in the evening at Aoba Women`s Hospital. I was rushed in the hospital at about 2 in the morning since my water broke. Instead of giving birth on the schedule date which is 4th day of June I gave birth a little bit early. I was in the hospital Sunday early morning and gave birth at the same day 10:30 in the evening. I felt the contractions at about 2 in the afternoon. Those were non stop oh my! I can still remember it and what  I felt during that time. I even pooped because I cannot tolerate the pain anymore. Oh well, here is the exact figures of how much we spent during my stay in the hospital which is from May 31st until 4th of June 2015. Me and my husband decided to have a private room, there is an additional cost for that and giving birth on a holiday is another additional cost. We decided to not have epidural since we have to pay an additional 100,000円 for that.

Aoba Women`s Hospital is a very nice and clean hospital. And their food is superb! Very delicious! I enjoyed the course meal, massage and make up before going home. And the service deluxe of riding a rolls  royce. 🙂

Anyway if you plan to stay on the ward no additional costs, 2 persons in a room +5,000yen/day, for private room its 10,000yen/day and private room with bathroom its 15,000 yen/day.

We chose to have the private room without the bathroom.

Here is the cost of my birth in Aoba Women`s Hospital:

Normal Delivery: 573,690 円

neonatal hearing test:     3,240

room charge:   45,000

holiday/midnight additional

cost:   30,000________

Total: 651,930円


reservation fee:   50,000円

deposit fee:     50,000円

lump-sum from government 420,000円


less:                                      520,000円

total Balance:    131,930円

The things the hospital required me to bring  during my stay there are the following:

Inside my maternity bag:

Washing/face tools:

toothbrush set


hand towel

hair brush, facial, lotion, etc


pajamas (2)

face towel

bath towel


postpartum shorts/panties

brassiere for women

pelvic belt

clean cotton

breast pads

wet tissue



For discharge:

baby clothes, swaddling clothes, baby underwear etc

baby wipes

newborn diapers

writing instrument


hospitalization baggage check

Almost were provided by the hospital even for my son. They gave me a big bag wherein all the necessary items are there and another bag for my son. They also gave me a VS shower set and we also bought pictures of our new born son there. It was so nice because they put it on display beside the nursery room. There are digital photo frames displayed wherein you can see a slide show pictures of your newborn!

All in all it was a fabulous experience to give birth in Aoba Women`s hospital. If ever I will give birth again I will still choose this hospital. And there will an additional discount if ever I plan to give birth here. 🙂

Thank you once again for reading and feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail!

Take care mommies!


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