Finding out I am pregnant and Check-up Costs in Japan

Finding out I am Pregnant and Check-up Costs in Japan

           Boom! Finding out I am pregnant is the most ecstatic moment in my life. I somehow planned and even wrote it in my diary that I will get pregnant in my late 20`s. So how did I learned about it? Sometime about October 2014 I feel very different. We were on a trip at Osaka then. I feel like peeing every now and then but there`s no pee coming out! I asked my mother about it but she told me maybe I will have my menstruation already. But the feeling keeps on coming back every now and then. So after our 3 day trip in Osaka. My husband told me that he thinks I am pregnant. I bought a pregnancy kit by the way I am just 3 days delay by then. Hep hep hooray yes! you are right. One pregnancy kit two lines as a result. Oh yes I am pregnant !!! First thing I remember was going to my doctor. I told her about my condition and she did a transvaginal ultrasound and we saw a small spot and she told me its still blood yet and its not a baby yet. Anyways I am 5 weeks by that time. She asked me if I will continue it or not. Here in Japan they respect a woman`s choice if she wants to continue or terminate her pregnancy. I told her of course I will continue it. Then the next thing we checked was where will I give birth. You should reserve in your desired hospital as early as possible because hospitals tend to have lots of patients. My doctor was suggesting since we are from Aoba-ku a hospital nearby. But my husband wants me to give birth in Showa Hospital because the wife of his colleague gave birth there. Being a good wife and this is my first time I agreed. We went there for other check ups without even asking how much will be the cost of birth there. I asked my Japanese friends at work if its nice to give birth to Showa Hospital. And they asked me why is your pregnancy delicate? Showa Hospital is for women who have delicate pregnancy. And I replied No. So they told me to look for other hospitals because Showa is quite expensive. I told my husband about it and for the next check up we asked the reception how much is the birth cost there? She replied the starting rate is 720,000 yen. Well thats the starting rate. I told my husband no way it is really expensive. And the government will just give us 420,000 yen for support. After that we went to the hospital wherein my doctor advised me to go to. The name is Aoba Women`s Hospital. It does not look like a hospital because it is not that big but they really specializes in giving birth and children. So we asked about their services and charges, their starting price is 570,000 for normal delivery. Good thing there is still one slot left for those who will give birth in June. What we did is we pay for the deposit right away to have the slot. Okay it is getting longer already. Here are the costs of my check-up from the first to third trimester. It may vary from other hospitals. So here it is just to give you an idea:

My doctor gave me a schedule and for the first trimester I need to go for at least once a month. I can go to my doctor until 24 weeks then transfer to Aoba Women’s Hospital. For there second trimester at least once every two weeks and for the last trimester it is once a week.

1st trimester costs:

10/7/2014 Minami Ladies Clinic     2,440円

10/18/2014 Showa Hospital           1,660 円

11/7/2014 I am 8 weeks already Showa Hospital 300 円 originally it is 7,300 円 but we use the coupon given by the government so it is less 7,000 円 I just did the normal check and transvaginal ultrasound.

11/20/2014 12 weeks Minami Ladies Clinic Had blood test and check up routine 3,150 円 originally at 15,150 円 used the coupon costs 12,000 円

12/04/2014 16 weeks 4,350 円 used the coupon= 12,000円 total should be 16,350 円

2nd trimester:

12/25/2014 16 weeks 1,000 円 used 4,700円coupon total should be 5,950円

1/23/2015 20 weeks   1,000 円 used 4,700円 = 5,950円

2/12/2015                   4,090 円 used 4700円 =   8,790円

3/3/2015                     2,010円    used 4,700円=    6,710円

3/9/2015  Showa Hospital

                Glucose Test 2,500円

                Fetus exact sonography 3,000 円

                 Total: 5,500 円 less 4,700 = 800円

28 weeks: 1,000円

30 weeks: 9,390円- 4,700= 4,690円 (contents, anemia, blood clotting)

32 weeks: 12,000円-4,700=7,300円

36 weeks: 23,000円-4,700=18,300円 (anemia, blood clotting sonography, examination of vaginal secretion)

38 weeks: NST 7,200円-4,700=2,500円

Gave birth at 39 weeks 3 days 🙂

I hope it gave you an idea somehow on the check up costs here in Japan.

Please feel free to leave a comment or send an e-mail if you have other questions.

Thank you!


Thank you to JC Studios for the maternity shoot (featured image).



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