Things I prepared for Nursery School (Hoikuen)

Things I prepared for my son`s Nursery School (Hoikuen)

         Having mixed emotions at the moment since my son got accepted in a Public Nursery School (Hoikuen) that was also our first choice. It is an 8 minute walk from our house. We had an orientation on what are the things we needed to bring everyday for my son`s Nursery School.

        My son will attend the 0 year old class or つぼみ組. 

          Listed are the items that I need to prepare:

  1. zoukin 雑巾 (dust cloth) 1 pc. -no name should be written.
  2. sheets シーツ115 cm x 65 cm- put name and snaps only.
  3. kakefuton 掛け布団- we bought this from the Nursery school.

For blankets: winter- blanket

summer-towel/large bath towel

Please put your child`s name.

4. okigaefukuro お着替え袋 40x30cm (Changing clothes bag)

Please put name.

top and bottom clothing, socks

5.  ehon bag (picture book bag) 絵本バッグ-simple only 35x45cm

6. diaper bag おむつバッグ

They recommend Le Sports Sac Bag because it has lots of pockets but I only used a simple bag that is given by my mother.

The bag should contain the following:

  1. おたより帳 - bought from the nursery school
  2. 連絡帳/communication notebook between teachers and parents- also bought from Nursery School.
  3. hand towel- 4 pcs (for snack time in the morning, lunch time, snack time after nap and if your child will stay until 5 or 6 a towel for snack time at 5).
  4. Vinyl/plastic bag for wet hand towels
  5. diaper changing mat
  6. plastic/vinyl bag for dirty laundry

7. others

  1. おしりふきwet tissue/ baby wipes
  2. ビニール袋 plastic for used diapers etc. 1 pack M size -I bought it from Daiso.
  3. 紙おむつ diapers  20-30 pcs.— write name on each diaper.

d. 歯ブラシ toothbrush

e. プラスチック製イプロン plastic apron- we bought it from the Nursery school, the brand is baby bjorn.

f. お砂場着 overall clothing to use when they play in the sand- no pockets. I bought mine in Nishi Matsuya.

g.紐付ききの大きめの袋 big plastic bag- or any bag that you can use to put your other things such as carrier, jackets etc.

For the schedule of つぼみ組:

8:30- entrance

9:30- oyatsu/snacks

10:00-change diapers, free time


11:30- change diapers

11:45-nap time

14:30-change diapers


15:30-change diapers, free time

play time includes playing in the veranda, garden or walks in the park.

Please feel free to write comments or add some of your experiences. Thank you!




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