What its like to be a wife of an inspiring Entrepreneur in Japan

What its like to be a wife of an Inspiring Entrepreneur in Japan.

Many articles have been written about the experiences of being an entrepreneur. The trials, hardships and sacrifices of being an entrepreneur. But I am not an entrepreneur yet so for the mean time I want to share with you my experiences as the wife of an inspiring entrepreneur.

Back in the year 2013, I went home in the Philippines for a 2 week vacation. My husband just stayed here in Japan because of work. While enjoying my vacation in my hometown. Me and my mother went to Cebu and Bohol to appreciate Chocolate Hills, Tarsier and the old Churches. While in Bohol I received a message from my sister. She asked me “What happened to —?” I said what do you mean what happened? I have no wifi connection at that time. Me and my husband only exchange few messages when I have connection so I really don`t know what my sister is talking about. Then I received the news that my husband`s migraine is getting worse. He`s been absent from work for two days. And as a practice here in Japan if you`ve been absent for two days or more you have to present a medical certificate. My husband has been experiencing migraine since then but this time it was different he told me. Upon coming back in Japan I learned that he resigned  from work already. I was furious at first because he did not even notify me about his decision. I don`t know what`s wrong but his boss is nice and he even likes his work. Then, he told me he wanted to start his own business. I asked why ? He told me he is not getting any younger

and does not want to be an employee anymore. Even though I do not agree with his decision I cannot do anything because he told me that is what he really wanted. there are fears and many questions in my mind but I just prayed and ask the Lord for guidance.

December 2013, JC Studios was initiated. We used our wedding gift as the capital of the business. First few months it is a trial and error process. It didn’t hit me so hard that time because I have a work of my own while my husband is looking for possible clients. Luckily his former bosses supported him and still give him projects not as their employee but as their partner. The Japanese bosses of my husband were so supportive and helpful up to now. They are proud of him because once they were also like my husband.  My husband did not give up looking for clients and also doing side jobs so he can still earn during that time. I tell you it is not all sunshine and rainbows being with a person who is starting his own business. There are times when I told him just to give up and it is easier to be an employee at least there is a monthly fixed income and no need to worry about where to get payments for our bills. But my husband even for a second did not think of giving up. I can see the love for what he is doing and first time in my life I see this in a person. He will drive for long hours just to capture beautiful sceneries or just to appreciate the nature.

October 2014 this is the most happiest day of our lives since we learned that I am pregnant. Fear came rushing once again. Thinking where will we get the payment for hospital bills. I am happy and nervous at the same time. You cannot blame me since this is very new to me. I am a worrier even with the littlest thing. Never did I saw my husband afraid of what will happen. He just told me do not worry I got this. After giving birth I did not work anymore and took care of our son. Lots of fights happened between the two of us. Financial, emotional but no physical fights. lol There are times we received notification of not paying these bills at the right time. Not only once but a few times. Experienced having our phone lines cut and our gas too one time. These are the struggles and hardships we experienced so far. I adore my husband that when it comes to our son he always have everything especially his time. He got to play with our son, take care of him, laugh with him. All these memories cannot be exchange with all the wealth in this world.

Business is still running up to now (Thank God!). There are still sacrifices to be made, we still need to see our profits but being a wife of an inspiring entrepreneur takes a lot of courage, patience and understanding especially when times get a really tougher. Just hold on and think that the best things are yet to come! 🙂